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Our Commercial Upholstery Services

Tailored Solutions for Every Business

Revitalize Your Patio with Custom Outdoor Upholstery and Awnings


Outdoor Cushions & Pillows

Bask in Style with Custom Outdoor Cushions and Pillows

Turn your patio into a stylish outdoor oasis with custom cushions and pillows from Don Javier's Custom Upholstery! Our skilled team designs cushions in any shape, size, or foam height to fit your outdoor furniture perfectly. Choose from weather-resistant fabrics in a range of patterns and colors to bask in style.

Outdoor Sofas & Chairs

Elevate Your Patio with Custom Outdoor Sofas and Chairs

Elevate your patio with custom outdoor sofas and chairs from Don Javier's Custom Upholstery! Whether you're reupholstering existing furniture or creating new cushions, our expert team will design solutions tailored to your style using durable, weather-resistant fabrics. Choose from a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors.

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